Tom Sommers
Coldwell Banker Realty

May Photos 2021


I thought it would be fun to dedicate an entire month to a city that I absolutely love. I am hoping many of you feel the same way I do about New York City. It has been a fascination of mind since I was a child. For several reasons including the scale of it. But more so the culture, music, and history. When I was a child, I dreamt of living in in New York City period from a suburban kid growing up in Minneapolis it seemed like the ultimate place to be. I know Tony Bennett says he left his heart in San Francisco, I almost feel the same way about New York City.

I took a trip there last weekend for business and only got to spend one day in the city. I tried to cover as much ground as I could and fell well short of my intentions. I hope that these photos take you back to the city if you are someone who loves being there. Or perhaps you have never traveled there before, and this will inspire you to do so. Things are starting to open because of COVID winding down. there were many people on the street for a Sunday enjoying the parks, biking going for walks and all the incredible food.


Bronze Atlas statue Rockefeller Center, Midtown Manhattan

This is one of the many iconic statues that define New York City in my opinion. When I look at it, I think of the book Atlas Shrugged. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it is outside of Rockefeller Center. Because I've never taken a photo of it before it was at the top of my list for this trip. One of the many things to me that is so interesting about New York City similar to Rome Italy, as you're driving down the road your head is practically spinning in a circle looking at all of the cool things like this.

New York City Atlas



Homeless in New York

Not everybody that is homeless in New York City is pride less as well. Many people are just trying to make it on their own without interference. There were not very many people standing on the corners asking for money. I did not see huge camps of people either just random areas where someone may have laid down on a park bench. This gentleman struck me because of the condition of his clothes. Everything he owned was in that shopping cart. I thought to myself how must it be to survive in such a big city? I had seen him a few blocks away and then we ended up behind him in midtown. There was just something about walking behind him that hit me, so I stopped and took this photo.


Physical Graffiti

For all of you Led Zeppelin fans, this is the building that appears on their album release physical graffiti from the 1970's. It is located in the East Village if you wanted to stroll on by. I added this because I have walked by so many before and thought it was the album cover and it was not. I love the design and attention to detail. One of the many thingsthat makes this so unique are all of the carved faces on the front of the building. Somebody was very creative and opened a tea shop. If you look closely right above my signature you will see the name of the store, Physical Graffitea. For many fans of the band, this is their absolute favorite album. Again tying New York City into music.


Art or Graffiti?

I guess it all depends on your point of view. When you're in the city it's not like all of the brownstones are covered with gang signs. That's a whole different thing. The art in the photo below was on the wall of a basketball court outside in the city. I'm always drawn to this type of artwork because of how colorful it is. I took a lot of photos of different art but this is the one that really struck me with its beauty. It's not appropriate everywhere but for some reason it makes sense to me in New York City.



I was walking through the village and came upon this beautiful mural of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I always thought that she was a wonderful woman who truly seemed to care about Americans and equal rights for everybody under the law. Another example of the amazing color and beauty that you find doing nothing more than wandering the streets of New York City.


Manhattan Bridge

This is a photo of the Manhattan bridge looking towards Brooklyn. Specifically, the DUMBO neighborhood. I would say it's equally as beautiful as the Brooklyn Bridge itself but completely different in its style. Both bridges cross into Brooklyn. The Manhattan bridge can be driven over and has a train running back and forth. The Brooklyn Bridge is just for cars, but they have a huge walking area for pedestrians. This is another thing I would suggest if you're in New York City is to take a walk along the river towards the financial district in the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Beautiful views from this vantage point.




As I was heading to the entrance for The Walking path of the Brooklyn Bridge, I came across this young man doing tricks on his skateboard. He was doing some amazing things and again another example of just walking through Manhattan and seeing people enjoying being outside. So many different types of activities going on that day it's fun to be a part of all of it.



Neighborhood dominos

I happened past this group of guys that were having a ball playing Domino's as well as cards. I felt like I was in one of those movies in New York where the neighborhood was playing games in the park. It's not a set-up there was a bunch of people doing this. They were having so much fun and laughing, again outside and enjoying the beautiful day. I had to stop and take the photo because again it reminded me of so many movies I've seen.



Brooklyn Bridge

Even though I have walked across this bridge more times than I can count, the architecture still intrigues me. I cannot help but continually take photos as I walk across the bridge. Every time I see it it's like the first time I have seen it. If you ask me the top five things to do in New York City, this would be #1, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.