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Twin Cities Protests 2020


This photo was taken on the second evening of protests on Lake Street near the Hiawatha bridge. The curfew was in force of 8 pm. These protesters were peaceful until about 8:20. When the National Guard backed off and the police stepped in to disburse the crowd. They were saying "hands up, don't shoot" as they faced the National Guard who had blocked off Lake Street.

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This was the same night as the Minneapolis Police took over to try to enforce the curfew and disperse the crowd with tear gas, rubber bullets and other projectiles.

minneapolis police in riot gear



This was taken in St. Paul during all of the looting in Midway. There were a group of protesters who were gathered in the Target parking lot that were NOT looting. Why the Target parking lot? I have not idea. St. Paul Police were already in full riot gear and on heightened alert because of all of the destruction that was taking place down the block.

st. paul protests, george floyd


A day after the first night of fires the Minneapolis Fire Department were still trying to put out fires in different buildings. This went on for a few days.

Minneapolis fire department during the riots, george floyd


This is what was left of the Auto Zone. One of many buildings that were destroyed.

auto zone burned in minneapolis during riots



Beauty in the darkness. As I was watching people loot and rob the Target and Cub Foods, at the same time something amazing started to happen. They were the first people I saw in the parking lot cleaning up the mess. Shortly after this hundreds of people showed up to clean up the area. This moment really struck me among all of the chaos, there was something beautiful.

community clean up minneapolis riots



A symbol of peace and change. This beautiful mural was unveiled at the site of George Floyd's murder on 38th Street and Chicago Avenue. I highly recommend you go visit if you have not already. 

george floyd mural 38th street and chicago


These are just a few of the signs at the protest on Lake Street and 31st Avenue near the US Bank building that was burned the day before. The police had set up another road block on East Lake street bout 20 blocks from the one on Hiawatha.

protesters minneapolis



This is one of many food stations in the community organized by business', local residents, churches and others. They were handing out water along with food and other supplies.

food stations minneapolis riots


This was taken on the 35W bridge during the march after the truck had run up on the bridge and the Minneapolis Police were trying to break up the crowd.

35w protest march minneapolis


This was during the Minneapolis march across the Hennepin Avenue bridge. I have never seen so many people in my life showing up demanding change and marching peacefully.

Minneapolis March


This was taken at 4th Street and Hennepin Avenue. The group marched from the WCCO building the the police precinct. Many people got up to speak and tell their stories. This young man was amazing as he shared his story and desire for change.

Minneapolis protest