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Sunset #farmlife

We have been blessed with so many incredible sunsets this summer. I find myself standing in the back yard and taking a photo almost every night. This was taken the day after a heavy rain and before another storm rolled in. The reflection is from the standing water in the outdoor riding arena.

summer sunset in minnesota


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This piece of art has become a symbol of Minneapolis. Its located next to the Walker Art Center. Its filled with unique art and is a great place to visit. Especially on a warm summer evening.

#thisismycity, spoon and cherry, minneapolis sculpture garden, walker art center


Harmon Killebrew

Was my very first hero. Along with Tony Oliva and Rod Carew. These were the baseball players of my childhood. I developed a love of baseball and the Twins from my father and grandfather. Both who use to listen to the games on their small am radios as they would work on things around the home. It seems like forever ago when the stadium was open and I attended a game. The statures stand alone almost guarding Target Field.


Hunt and Gather

Every time I drive by this store, it catches my eye. The have so many unique items that I can't help but stop by and see whats new. The name of the store is Hunt and Gather located on 50th and Xerxes in Minneapolis. This photo is one of the many piles of letters they have for sale. Its a great store and I highly recommend you visit if you are in the area.

Hunt and Gather on Xerxes in Minneapolis


Napoli, Italy (Naples)

This city in Italy was the most modern we visited and felt the most urban. The thing I noticed right away is how many of the cars had damage. Didn't matter if they were new or old. I stood on the street corner and counted one afternoon. 17 of the 20 cars that passed by had a dent or damage. They are very aggressive drivers that do not believe in seat belts. One of the locals told me when the city passed a law requiring seat belts, people started printing shirts that looked like they were wearing a seat belt if they passed by a cop.

Naples Italy