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April 2020 Photos

April 2020 Photos


Downtown Minneapolis

Tom Sommers Realtor Downtown Minneapolis

Once I started to become comfortable with my camera, I started seeing things in a different way. One of those is the city. I am always thinking, how can I capture the best shot of this angle right here as I would drive by. This warmer spring night with no traffic was the perfect opportunity. As I headed downtown Minneapolis, I pulled into a construction zone on the highway. No cars around, I was able to do it safely and actually set the camera up on a tripod to get this shot. The city was glowing at night and with the impending lock down, the streets were empty.


First Avenue

Tom Sommers Realtor First Avenue Minneapolis

One of my favorite clubs for more reasons than I can mention. It has such a musical history that it has become part of the fabric of Minneapolis. There is almost always something going on but not tonight. All of the photos I took on this evening have an eerie calm to them. I was one of the only people out on the streets, yet I felt very safe in the city I love.


Hennepin Avenue Bridge

Tom Sommers Realtor Hennepin Avenue Bridge Minneapolis

I took many photos of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge that night but this was one of my favorites, I walked down close to the edge of the river for this photo. Most people will take pictures on the other side of the bridge to include the famous Grain Belt sign. I was looking for something a little different. If you look under the bridge by the center pole there is a guy fishing for his dinner. The beer sign is such a focus point it sometimes takes away from the beauty of the bridge. There are steps and a ramp from the top of the bridge to get down to this location.


Stone Arch Bridge

Tom Sommers Realtor Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis

This is the entrance to the Stone Arch Bridge from the 4th street side. Its almost directly above where many of the shots of the arches are taken. Usually this bridge is filled with people but not on this night. I probably saw 6 people the entire time I was on the bridge. Take 4th Street to 6th avenue SE and head to the river. Its beautiful no matter what time of the day you go.


First Street and Hennepin Avenue

Tom Sommers Realtor First Avenue & Washington Avenue Minneapolis

As I was walking off the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, this view caught my eye. Not exactly sure why but I believe it had to do with the fact that the streets were totally empty. Normally this intersection has a lot of traffic and its easy to just walk on past. Off to the left is the Minneapolis library.


Washington Square

Tom Sommers Realtor Washington Square Minneapolis

I don't know how many times I have driven by Washington Square, I am always drawn to these sculptures. The color is always so blue and it lights up the sidewalk. I went out of my way to stop and capture this.


State Theatre

Tom Sommers Realtor State Theatre Minneapolis

This takes me back to my childhood. I can remember seeing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid here when I was really young. The bright lights of downtown were always so magical to me. This is one of the most beautiful theatres I have been in here in the Twin Cities. To get to still come here all these years later is a real treat for me. The fencing is there because of the construction on Hennepin Avenue.


35W Bridge

Tom Sommers Realtor 35W Bridge Minneapolis

This is a view of the 35W Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge. For the few of you that may not know it, this is the bridge that collapsed a number of years ago. The new bridge is always lit up and it was glowing that night.