Why The Final Walkthrough Is More Than A Formality

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Why The Final Walkthrough Is More Than A Formality

Doing the final walk-through is one of the last steps in the purchase of a home. Some could argue that it's one of the most important steps because it's more than just a simple formality.

There are several reasons to do a final walk-through and timing is everything. If you're purchasing a home that has a laundry list of items that need to be repaired, you need to verify that all of the items that were agreed to have been taken care of before you close. If you don't deal with it beforehand the chances of you getting any of those taken care of after can be slim to none.

One of the other things you're looking for the final walk-through, is the home still in the same condition that it was when I wrote the purchase agreement? Sounds silly but sometimes people that are moving out don't take very good care of the home assuming it sold and they don't have to be concerned about breaking things accidentally or knocking holes in the wall.

The last part of this is to see where the sellers are at. I was recommend doing a final walk-through 2 to 3 days before closing. That's typically enough time to negotiate any thing that hasn't been repaired as agreed to as well as just checking to make sure that they are starting to move. Again this concept may sound silly to you but I have been in more than one situation where you go into a house a day or two before closing and the seller hasn't moved one single thing. If it's a day before closing and they haven't so much is packed one single dish in the kitchen, chances are you've got a really big problem and you're not can be closing on time. Or at the very least you're not going to get possession of the home on time.

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