What Are You Looking For In A Sellers Disclosure?


What Are You Looking For In A Sellers Disclosure?

That sometimes this particular document gets looked over rather quickly and not enough time is given to review it properly. The seller’s disclosure is the 12 page document that the seller will fill out when the home is listed. It covers everything from radon tests to cracks in the foundation, age of roof, different items that are working or not working on the property and everything in between.

Typically there are two different types of seller’s disclosure. There’s the traditional 12 page disclosure that most sellers of residential real estate fill out. The other one is a limited seller’s disclosure which goes by many different names. Typically you see this with a bank owned property or an estate. A situation where the homes being sold but the people who are selling it have not lived in the property so they have no knowledge of the property.

Regardless you can want to have a home inspection anyways no matter what form is filled out. It’s important to note that you need to understand what’s in this form and what you’re looking for is a homebuyer.


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