This is why you should list your home right now!


This is why you should list your home right now!

Waiting to list your property tell what you believe is the spring market, put you in a precarious situation. I'm not saying that waiting until May when it is officially spring is the worst idea in the world. It is true there are more buyers out at that time. But there is also a lot more competition.

If you are able to list your home sooner, many times it will work to your advantage. Right now we have the lowest amount of inventory in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in the last eight years. This is driving prices up because the buyers are already out looking. Once we get to May the prices have already been set. By listing your home early you have the opportunity to help set the market price. In many cases, you will end up in a multiple offer situation simply because you're beating all of your competition to the market.

Case in point, I just listed a home in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Within 48 hours they had over 16 showings and four offers!

This is not by sheer luck, but a specifically calculated real estate marketing plan. For starters timing is huge, we are beating our competition to the punch. The second piece of it though is you have to be able to push that house out to over 4000 websites with videos, photos, descriptions as well as every other means possible. The third piece of it is pricing the home correctly.

If you are thinking about selling your home in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, call me now! Let's get working on a strategy to get your home sold.

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