The truth about open houses for home buyers.


The truth about open houses for home buyers.

Let's start with why most buyers that I've spoken to start out going to open houses. Many of them are afraid to have contact with a real estate agent for fear that agent will hammer them into submission and sell them that house. The truth of the matter is that when you sign in to an open house, 1 in 10 agents will call you back to follow up with you. You may be asking yourself if that's true? Statistically it is because most real estate agents hate cold calling. The one agent who will actually call you back will typically give up rather quickly.

As a buyer I think it's fair for you to understand why we as real estate agents hold homes open. It's too meet people just like you in the hopes that we can build our business and attract new clients. Many agents don't know how to act in an open house simply because they don't truly understand what a buyer is really looking for. Many home buyers play it very close to the best and say much of nothing at the open house. So as a do open houses the skills don't improve.

When you come across a real estate agent who actually is interested in what you have to say, you may have come across an agent who actually could be very helpful to you. When you're purchasing a home whether you believe it or not, a real estate agent plays a very pivotal role in helping you find the home, negotiate the terms and get you to closing.

My advice would be to think of it as a game. When you go to your next open house look at it like your potentially interviewing a real estate agent for the job. It'll give you great experience and you will find out rather quickly if that realtor is a good fit for you.

There's nothing wrong with going to open houses but most buyers realize a very short period of time that they're looking at a lot of the wrong homes. Homes that just don't work for what they're trying to do. Again that's another reason why a real estate agent is pivotal to your success.