Presenting The Right Offer To Get The Home You ...

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Presenting The Right Offer To Get The Home You Want

What is that magic formula? What is it that makes your offer the right offer when trying to purchase a home? The answer could very dramatically from situation to situation. The first thing is a homebuyer that you need to remember, is that money doesn't drive everybody. Perhaps timing is more important to the seller and closing quickly than a higher purchase price.

When faced with a multiple offer situation how you write the offer can make all the difference. Not only is price consideration but so is closing date, earnest money and a myriad of other things. One thing I can say from my experience is that sellers typically do not like seller pay closing costs. The term itself is very confusing and comes off as a negative. So the first thing I would say to you is reconsider with you actually need seller pay closing costs? That could be enough right there to strengthen your offer to beat your competition.

If you do need seller pay closing costs perhaps you talk to your lender. Asked them if they can charge you a quarter percent more on your interest rate and cover all of your closing costs so you don't have to ask the seller for them.

Another thing that can be very helpful is having your agent speak to the listing agent before you write the offer to find out what elements are the most important to the seller. You still want to write the offer to protect yourself and not give everything away. However if you can make some changes that are benefit to the seller to put you in a better position, typically it's worth doing.

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