Making Your Offer Stand Out!

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Making Your Offer Stand Out!

This is something that just doesn't happen, you have to plan ahead of time to make sure that your offer looks its best.

Speaking in general terms a 20% down offer with a flexible closing time, larger earnest check and paying your own closing costs for most sellers is ideal. Using that as the blueprint how can I as a real estate agent, help you to get as close to this is possible?

I had a client just last week that ended up getting home that was in multiple offers with three other buyers. We ended up getting the contract because of the way the offer was written. I was told this by the listing agent. She told me they turned down an offer for $20,000 more than my clients because she was concerned about appraisal and the way the other one was written. Apparently the other two weren't even in the running.

I can't stress enough the importance of a well written clean offer. This just proves that the highest price is not always the one that wins. For many sellers they just want the deal to go through without any hassle while trying to get as much money as they can.

When you're putting an offer together you have to consider more than just the price but also how much money you're putting down as well as your earnest check. I've had other situations where I have beaten out other agents offers because I encouraged my buyers to add an extra $500 to the earnest check. That's literally the only difference.

The best advice I can give you is when you're thinking about writing an offer make sure you contemplate all of the options in the offer and not just focus on the price.


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