Limiting your showing time can kill your home sale

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Limiting your showing time can kill your home sale

I think most people would agree that we live in a world now of instant gratification for so many people. I see this every day as a listing agent. Buyers are used to getting information quickly because almost everything is just at their fingertips. The information part is a good thing, as a whole I believe it's helped us in real estate. However there is a downside and it goes directly to the showings of your home.

Because so many buyers expect instant results, it's easy to forget that seeing a home in person is not like purchasing something on Amazon. You have to keep that in mind when allowing home showings. If your home was a foreclosure price 20% below the market, then none of this information would affect you. My guess is you would be a traditional home seller looking to sell your home for the most money you can but still at a fair market value. If this is true, there's also many other people trying to sell their homes at a fair market value.

If the house is 20% below market buyers will go out of their way to get in there whenever they can. They know that it is such a great deal if they don't get in there someoen else will buy it. To give you an example of this, I had a short sale home listed last year that was under value for the current market by about 25%. Within 24 hours, I had 28 offers and 23 of them were cash. With traditional sales I've seen situations where buyers will simply remove you from the list of options the minute you turn down one of their showing requests. Unfortunately there are some agents that act that way as well. You might as well know the truth, this happens. Unless it's an unreasonable time frame like 10 o'clock at night or 8 o'clock in the morning, you have to allow that showing if it's at all possible.

There have been homes I've tried to show my clients before where we've been turned down three times by the seller. Buyers just give up and assume you're going to be too hard to work with so they just go on to another property. This is the world we live in now and unfortunately because you are the one selling your home, you have to make your home available as much as you possibly can. I understand that you have a life, family, job and other commitments but this has to take center stage.Buyers don't concern themselves with your schedule. In addition they also have the same commitments as a seller. Because of our lives being so busy, sometimes there are very limited to their availability to actually see your home. When I'm showing clients I try my best to ask for the showing 24 hours in advance. But unfortunately that doesn't always work out. Sometimes buyers give me a two hour notice because they were able to sneak out from work. Please don't make the assumption that a short notice showing is laziness on the buyers part.

The best advice I can give is we live in a world right now were sometimes you never get a second chance to show your home to potential buyer. It takes on average 25 showings to get an offer, so the faster you can get there the faster your home will sell.