I don't need a Realtor! Think twice about that.


I don't need a Realtor! Think twice about that.

Many home buyers in today's market feel they no longer need a real estate agent because all of the information is at their fingertips. If you're someone who agrees with this, allow me to point a few important things out to you. Think of it like taking a college course, they hand you a book with all the information in it but you need to attend the class to have the teacher make sense of that information.

Yes, it's true all of the information about a particular property is available online. For the most part, at least the basic information is. Some realtors have gotten lazy and just set people up on an auto search and you never have a discussion with them about your needs. If this is your situation I would like to say to you that not all real estate agents are the same.

My value to you as a home buyer is to help you weed through all of the information and create a plan of action to find a home. Once you find the home that's where the real challenge begins. I am the person who is your personal advocate to make sure that you get the best home, for the best price and best terms possible. If you don't negotiate for a living, you will find that is a very hard thing to do.

Once you have a purchase agreement on the home, my job is just starting. Not only do I have to work your way through the purchase agreement and all of its contingencies. I will keep you on the timeline to make sure everything is completed in an orderly fashion. I speak with the listing agent, your loan officer, our title company, the seller's title company as well as the inspector and anyone else that is involved in the sale. It's my job to make sure that everybody that's working on your behalf has all the information that they need to complete their tasks.

Most buyers have no understanding of how the entire process works. How would you? You don't do this for a living and that's why you trust a professional like me to help you. The best advice I can give is to interview a few agents and pick someone who will be your personal advocate. Someone with a strong team and a system in place to make sure that you get from buying the home all the way to closing.