Home inspections, why they are important


Always have a home inspection!

 I tell my clients it's the cheapest insurance policy you can get on a home you're considering purchasing. They run around $350 and well worth the money. You have to think of them as one of the last contingencies that protects you against purchasing a home with problems.

Not only will the home inspector share with you any problems they find, for those of you that are new first-time homebuyers it's also an education as to how your home functions. You'll learn about switching filters, where your water main is, how to turn off the gas line and many other functions.

A home inspection is critical to the success of your home purchase. It may not catch every little detail but it dramatically reduces the chance you will have a serious issue that will cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

When hiring a home inspector you should expect a full report in writing including photographs and explanations regarding all issues with the home. When you are looking at hiring a home inspector, you are looking for someone who's been doing it for a number of years that has a background in homebuilding or structural engineering.

Do yourself a favor and protect yourself when you purchase your new home. The last thing you want is a huge bill shortly after you move in that could've been resolved before you purchase the home.

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