Home Buyers, Consider your long-term needs


Considering your long-term needs, when buying a home

Sounds simple but you'd be surprised at how many home buyers forget to do this. In a nutshell what I'm trying to say is sitting down and really understanding what your true needs are versus your wants. In many cases they are completely different list. Yes or some crossover but it's very easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget what's truly important in owning a home.

A case in point would be square footage. You should ask yourself this question, if I purchase this home have I already outgrown it by the time I move in? That may sound silly but it's a reality for some buyers who have not thought this through. It goes well beyond just the correct number of bedrooms for the members of your family. If you have kids that will be entering their teenage years soon, do you have that extra family room for them to entertain their friends? If not one living room may not be enough for you. I'm not saying that bedroom sizes are important but you have to consider the home as a whole.

A three car garage versus a two-car garage. If you've already got two vehicles, is it important for you to be able to park both vehicles in the garage and not have any extra space for storage? Or are you better off looking for a home that has a three car garage so you have the extra stall for your mower, snowblower or just as general storage.

One of things I always tell my clients is to make two lists. The first one should be your list of needs and the second list should be a list of wants. There will be some crossover between both lists but it's important to keep updating them as you look at homes. This will cut the chance you will end up purchasing a home that you've already grown out of before you even move in. The updates and all the extras are important and very nice but at the end of the day the house has to function for your family and your lifestyle.

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