Does A "Dream Home" Even Exist?

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Does A "Dream Home" Even Exist?

I don't believe that it does, it seems to put an unrealistic expectation on homebuyers. One that says you have to find the perfect house, your dream home! Well, I can tell you after selling homes for 14 years, what you think you want and what you end up buying in many cases are two completely different things.

I would like to challenge you and this term by saying to you there's a much more practical way to do things. I tell all of my clients to sit down and make a list of the 10 most important things you want in a home. Many of those will probably change throughout the course of looking at homes. When were standing in a home that has seven of the 10 things you want, more than likely it's the perfect fit for you. Everybody has to make a certain amount of concessions.

I found throughout the years that working with buyers who try to stick to one particular vision of what that dream home is, more often than not and up very disappointed. If you look at purchasing a home from a practical standpoint, it can still be fun. Think of it as an adventure to find a place that you can call home. One that has the amenities that you're looking for yet you're also being fiscally responsible.

This is going to be more than likely the largest single purchase you will make in your lifetime, it needs to be treated with that type of respect. Buying a home in remaining practical put you in a great financial position along with helping you find an amazing home.

Too many people in the real estate industry put too much emphasis on a term that gets grossly overused. As a buyer, you should want to have all of the information at your fingertips. The type of information that let you know what you can expect in your price range and area.

This is the best advice I can give you, staying practical but still giving yourself some of those extras will put you in a position down the road that leaves you in a very sound investment. You also might surprise yourself and realize that you could consider the home you purchased, a dream home.

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