Are Real Estate Agents Necessary?

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Are Real Estate Agents Necessary?

You be the judge after you hear what I have to say. Saying the question out loud the other day made me think about the answer what my true value is a real estate agent is?

Years ago before the Internet and agent’s job was to identify properties that a buyer may want to purchase, show them the homes, write the purchase agreement and help them get the home. All of this is still true but the shift is now more geared towards the experience and the process of purchasing a home.

Anyone can go on the Internet and find everything that could possibly be to know about a property that’s for sale. We give you tax information, sales history, video tours, pictures, detailed descriptions and everything else you could possibly ask for. Some people say this point why do I need an agent? The easy answer to this is because of my experience. My value to you as a homebuyer or home seller is navigating you through the process on either side of the fence in which you stand. I will get you from the beginning of the process to the end, on time without issue.

If you are not a licensed real estate agent you have no idea what is before you when it comes to the process of buying or selling a home. According to the national Association of realtors less than 8% of the homes that sell are for sale by owners. That means well over 90% of the homes that are selling our through the assistance of a real estate agent.

So before you start your home search or put your home up for sale ask yourself this simple question, do I know what I’m doing and can I get from the beginning to the end of this on my own?


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