3 Things Home Buyers Focus On

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As a home seller, you must be aware of what's going on in the market.  I am not suggesting that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get your home ready for sale. in fact, sometimes dated looking homes sell because their quality built and they're very clean and de-cluttered.

I read an article today titled, “3 Surprising elements of a listing that buyers focus on”. As I read this article, I thought to myself some of this is really good information and some of it's inaccurate in my opinion. Which let me to write this blog.

The first list of 3 was spotless floors and walls. This is something that I would agree with, but I'd like to explain in detail what I believe that entails. A fresh coat of paint really goes a far way to making a home look very desirable. Removing a lot of personal photographs along with filling holes and painting does make a difference.  It keeps buyers from being distracted by your personal items and they tend to pay attention to the home and the space.  This includes trim work and molding as well.  It's not an accident that builders use one color throughout the entire home on all the walls and tried to make it look as sparse as possible.  That's exactly what you are striving for as a home seller.

The second point is energy efficient appliances and windows. This one is important because so many buyers Put a lot of weight in the type of appliances the home has.  not all was name brand but style, age and efficiency.  they do not want to have to worry about replacing the appliances as soon as they move in.  Regarding the windows, the last thing a buyer wants to do is replace windows. if you have any with steamed panes, repair them.  If they are old and falling apart, consider replacing them.  to make a statement That everything is just fine, and the buyers can replace them in their own is just plain naïve.  what will happen is they'll just buy a house that doesn't need New Windows or quality appliances.

the 3rd point What is exterior lighting. this one I would argue with. although it can improve curb appeal, most buyers look at your home during the day and it's not something that they are going to notice right away. I would say the money is better spent on Interior lighting which is noticeable. I'm not suggesting that you have to run out and buy all new lights for your home. but if your lighting is 30 years old and still has that brass or shiny gold finish, it will give the impression that the home is old. you are very smart to be proactive and buy something that's newer and neutral.

Everyone's home is different, and every situation is different.  before you spend any money sit down with a real estate agent and talk about your options and what's truly important to do to make your home look it's very best. in today's world of online sales, a buyers first impression and showing is online. if your home looks outdated and old, you may never even get them through the front door.