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What can I say that doesn't sound contrived or would come across as just another sales person trying to sell you something? Have you given any thought as to what you are looking for in an agent? From my perspective as a real estate agent, that is one of the many questions you should be asking yourself. My role is the same whether I am representing a seller or a buyer.  To give you the best representation and customer service that I can from beginning to end.

If you are a home seller looking to find an agent to represent you in the sale of your home, I have so much to share with you.  I can't do it in this format, but I am only a phone call away.  I will answer all of your questions and help you to determine if I am the right fit for you. There are many important points to consider when choosing a Realtor to represent you.

If you are a home buyer looking for a real estate agent to represent you in the purchase of your next home, we need to meet face to face as well. Showing you, homes is only about 10% of what I do for you as your agent. Being prepared can be the difference between getting the home you want and losing it to another buyer.

Either way I am glad you found me, and I want to help you if I can.  I have been a licensed agent for 15 years.  I have sold over 60 million dollars’ worth of residential real estate. I was voted one of the top 100 most influential real estate agents in 2016.  I am committed to your success.  Call me and let’s get started today!


"We tried twice, 6 months apart to sell our townhouse. The second time our realtors only strategy was to drop the price of our home dramatically. We talked with Tom and listed again...he sold it in 4 days without driving our home price down. He has real, tried and true up to date marketing practices. He's earned our families trust for a lifetime."

  -Maria Armstrong, Client

"Dear Tom, This is a letter relating my experience with another realtor and with you. I began with another realtor and was frustrated. He was disorganized and unprofessional. I had to remind him of things and he had the house on the market quite a while with no results. He never seemed to be sure about the right amount to charge for the house. I saw Tom’ s brochure after about 3 months struggling with my other realtor. Tom had sent it knowing it was time for me to begin with a new realtor. I liked the brochure showing a husband and wife team and the slogan “stop dreaming, start packing.” Tom was so professional and we had an instant rapport and it was great working with him. I just enjoyed him personally, so it was pleasant. The house was on the market 6 days and it got sold with Tom! I guess that speaks for itself. Thanks again Tom and Cheryl! Sincerely, Marie U. "

  -Marie U., Client

"That was a set back and kind of bums you out not getting a house you thought was going to be perfect. That day Tom took the time to go a find out if it was possible to have a showing at another house that I had almost put an offer on but didn’t. Tom found out that it was still on the market and was able to set up a showing for the house in 45 minutes, he took the time that day to get me up to the house and do a another showing, plus Tom & I went through the house from top to bottom checking everything and checking the things we had learned from the structural engineer inspection I had on the previous house. I made an offer on this house and proceeded to purchase it and I’m extremely happy with the house I purchased with the help of Tom!!! I would highly recommend Tom Sommers to any person that is in the market to purchase a home, Tom thanks for all the leg work and time you put into finding and getting me the right home for myself!!! Sincerely, Bill R "

  -Bill R., Client

"If you are either buying or selling, you can't go wrong with Tom Sommers. Learned so much from working with him. Pointed out so many critical things I had never even thought of as important. There's so much misinformation floating around out there, I was glad to have someone to show me what things were really going influence the value of a property. Highly recommended!"

  -Brandon H., Client

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